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Health and Fitness on the Road: Pt. 2 (Excercise)

April 20, 2010

Just to “joggle ye old memory”, this is the second part of my three-part “Health and Fitness on the Road” series. Buckle up for today’s’ topic, Exercise.

More often than not, I hear artists and roadies commenting on their dissatisfaction with their bodies. They want to lose the 5-10 pounds around their middle and get more defined features. No, I don’t recommend smoking to keep the weight off; apparently this has become a widely accepted coping tactic. What I will recommend is a change of mindset. I know that time is precious on the road, but staying fit doesn’t have to take 2 hours a day in a platinum level gym.

The opportunity to exercise is all around us. Loading gear on and off the stage can be a great workout if you take the time to think about targeting your legs, arms and core while executing precision lifting. Running is an easy workout to take on the road, it’s called “packing your jogging shoes”. A brisk 20 minute run can do wonders for the body. If you are staying at hotels, most of them have a pool, go swim laps or tread water for a little while. It’s all about being committed to at least some form of focused exercise everyday.

One initiative we have “spawned” among the guys around our office is the 50/50 workout. The goal is to do 50 push ups and 50 crunches or leg-lifts a day. You can drop out of bed and get them over with (you’ll enjoy the endorphin rush in the wake-up process, it’s better than caffeine) or you can wait and do them at night before you shower. It takes no more than 5 to 10 minutes to do this very basic set of calisthenics and you can do them ANYWHERE. Women can do a similar regime but would be served better doing 30 abs exercises and 30 standing squats or chair dips. The point is this, by keeping some activity going everyday, you lose that huge “Hump” you have to climb whenever you are able to go to the gym, and just don’t “want” to workout. So often I will skip a chance to workout because I just don’t “feel” up to it. Since I have started the 50/50 regime, I have been quick to jump up and exercise.  If you miss 1 day that’s fine, if you miss 2 days, then make up for it by doing a little more each day for a couple of days, or just lumping your missing reps into one big workout. I guarantee you’ll be sore the next morning.

I hope this is encouraging in that it doesn’t take a monster, in-the-gym workout every day to be fit and feel good about your body. Eating healthy, and keeping up a little exercise each day can make a world of difference both physically and mentally.

For ideas on some exercises check out the Men’s Health Workout Apps. And these sweet portable gadgets:

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