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Where do You go to find New Music Part 2

May 28, 2010

Thanks for all the twitter post and comments from my last blog. Based your responses, most of you can relate to these next three areas when it comes to discovering new music.

Social media sites

I think it’s safe to say social media is the #1 up and coming way people are finding about new artist and new music. Whether its on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, people are discovering new music and artist are being discovered on a daily basis.

A recent example of the power of social media came just a few weeks ago when a twelve year old boy named Greyon Michael Chance posted a video of himself singing for his middle school. Within days the video spread across the country and had received well over a 6 million plays. Michael was signed by Interscope records just days after the post. Check this wonder kid here

This is just a small reason we’re constantly pushing for our artist to have a strong presence on these social networking sites. The power of these sites are limitless and a great tool to share new music with your friends and family. Who knows maybe you’ll even end up with a story like Greyon’s.

Live Shows

One of my favorite aspects of going to live shows is hearing the opening band. The quality of the opener is usually a hit or miss, but when you find that band that blows you away live, you’ll become a fan for life.

I remember the first time I saw Family Force 5 in a Nashville club as the opening band. I can’t even remember who I was there to see that night, but I remember they probably didn’t want to go on stage after Family Force had played.

I guess this is a half hearted push to say, ‘Get out and see some shows!’  You never know who you’ll discover or who you might hear that will change your life. I try to get out to at least one show a week and you don’t have to spend the high dollar these days to see a local show.

Word of Mouth

For me, this is my most trusted and best filter for discovering new bands for Centricity, as well as for my own personal music library.  Before I make it out to the show to check out a band, or before I go scouring the endless sea of Myspace or YouTube pages, it’s great to have a trusted source. It never hurts to ask your friends what they’re listening to.

So… What are you listening to?

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