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Face to Face & the Follow-Up…

July 19, 2010

I am writing this from a hotel room in St. Louis in route to Leawood, KS for the 2010 National Worship Conference. Matt Papa as well as Billy and Cindy Foote will be a part of the program on Tuesday and our Management team (me included!) will be hosting a booth in their exhibit hall until Thursday.

I’m looking forward to watching our artists perform as well as get the chance to meet worship leaders from all over! So far, most of my communication with promoters has been through e-mails and phone calls. Although these are effective ways to network and pitch artists, there’s just something different about meeting face to face. The ability to discuss what promoters are looking for when bringing artists in and developing an understanding of not only the church people are representing, but the people themselves helps create a more personal relationship that can sometimes take several calls or e-mails to develop.

I’m also excited to speak to the attendees and work on connecting our artist’s ministries with their congregations and communities. In situations such as conferences or camps, it’s important to take initiative and follow up. Utilize the face-to-face connection that was made to keep the relationship going after the event. Send follow up information through mail or make the call to set up when to bring an artist in you talked about. Did you talk about something special in their church? Ask them how it went. Perhaps they asked a question you weren’t sure about? Write down their information and research an answer so you can follow up with them about what you learned.

Meeting new people is something I have always enjoyed and being able to do that, as part of my job is incredible. I’m thankful for this opportunity to shake hands and learn about what’s going on in Worship across the country. Back in Nashville, I look forward to following up and continuing to cultivate the relationships with people I was able to look in the eye, share stories and a laugh with, and hear their hearts for God!

How do you best maintain professional relationships? Is it lunch or a call every other week? Planning a visit, taking the time to handwrite a letter, tag team on a project…?

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  1. July 19, 2010 8:48 AM

    Angilee, You are such a sweetie girl! Dad


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