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Growing Your Blog

August 16, 2010

Who else wants to grow their blog community?

Blogs started out as and many still are personal web journals.  Today it is easy to create your own blog and with the world of blogs expanding and evolving each day, it’s become a challenge to build a successful growing blog.

The PR world is also changing and blogs have become a primary source of exposure for promotion. Whether it is a print publication that is now Internet based, a company that has started a blog in conjunction with their website or an individual that has built a strong following on their blog, blogs are a social media outlet that play an important role in today’s world.  Given that, lets look at a few tactics that might help begin to grow your blog…

Links There are a couple of ways you can use links to help develop your network. You can include links that point back to the work of another blogger. In doing this typically people use 1-2 links in a blog, it helps if this is organized and or targeted reaching people who are the “connectors” or “salesmen” of the blog world.  The other is using a link wheel; this will help generate and build site traffic as well as increase your site rankings in the search engines. By this I mean combining all of your social networks by linking one to the other and on each one also linking back to your own actual site. Most people (artists) have an online presence in various locations; this is a good way to use all of those outlets. The popular one currently is Twitter and using this to expose people to your blog but I encourage you to utilize this in addition to the other outlets you use. Once you start it will just become a habit to work all of them in a wheel type fashion.

Content Posting content on a regular basis equals having multiple posts per week.  Look at the type of content you are posting is it captivating to your audience, does it encourage any type of discussion or is it educational? This is something you can adjust if you feel what you are doing isn’t attracting people or keeping them coming back to your blog. Mix it up, use video, pictures, live chats…Test a few things out or if you think what you’re doing is working keep on posting!

Engage I know it takes a little time but as you are reading blogs that interest you, comment on them and compliment the blogger if you see something you like, agree with what they said or if you have a different view or something to add on do so. Its what we call community building in the blogosphere!

While we talk about all of these online things to do, it’s always good to throw some offline marketing in the mix too. If you’re an artist, promote some of your social media outlets from stage, think of unique ways to lead that audience to your site.

Thanks to social media examiner for keeping me up to speed on the best ways to utilize social media outlets, individually and together. I recommend checking out their blog for more tips in this area, they’re a good resource!

What are some of the blogs you read on a regular basis? A couple of my favorites right now are Style Me Pretty (fantastic wedding ideas), The Pioneer Women and Young House Love!

Have a great week!

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