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The Beauty of the Handwritten Note

December 6, 2010

Last week, as I was feverishly searching for a book I needed to reference, I uncovered an old journal.   Tucked inside was a 10-year-old handwritten note of encouragement from an old friend.   As I sat and re-read those words I was encouraged once again and reminded how the art of the handwritten note has been lost.

There is something about holding a note in your hands, feeling the quality of the paper, reading and re-reading the written sentiments, seeing the personality of the writer through the handwriting….none of which can be conveyed in an email or a text.      Certainly technology has moved us to the immediacy of information – the ability to communicate instantaneously –  yet, in that immediacy, I think something very special is lost.

If you read the book “John Adams” or saw the movie depicting the book,   you were awakened to the amazing letters written between John and Abigail during their separation from each other – the anxious awaiting for the next correspondence to come –  and the weight of each word as it was read.     More recently, the love letters that were recently published written by Ronald Reagan to his wife, Nancy, were inspiring.     There is something so special about seeing his love for her as it is written out.

One of my good friends wrote letters to his future wife (long before he had met her) and kept them in a shoebox.     He started writing them when he was in high school and continued through college where he finally met her.    All of the letters were given to her in that shoebox on their wedding night, a testament to his affection for his wife, long before he even knew her name.

All said,  I know we’ve moved on and technology has provided new mediums.   Still a handwritten note continues to be a special gift that we can offer.   This week  just try to write a handwritten note to a promoter, a fan, a family member or someone special to you.    The recipient will be blessed for sure,  and I believe you will have created a memento the someone will cherish.

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  1. December 6, 2010 9:30 PM

    My last hand written note was to someone at your office – a note of thanks. I don’t know if he ever got it.

    I love writing notes to my Compassion kids… I have three of them in progress. I feel loved when I get one in return. They are cherished posessions… I keep them in a box.

    Thank you for this reminder. In a season of Christmas cards and gift cards, it is easy to forget the ‘personal touch’.

  2. December 7, 2010 12:10 AM

    Yes. Handwritten notes have a permanence about them that email does not. I’m keeping a journal for my three boys. When they do something cute, I write it down. So, if in twenty years, one of them reads their respective journal and says, “Hey, Dad, there are not many journal entries in my book. What’s the deal?!!” I’ll say, “Well, son, you should’ve been cuter with more frequency. AND, you should’ve been a little nicer while you were cutting teeth. That was a big strike against you.”

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