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Spreading Your Songs

December 9, 2010

Often times we think of radio as the main machine to share a particular song, spreading it into the laps of millions of listeners. While radio is a key component the Internet allows us to also spread a song in a number of different ways.

Most songs have a story and can be very touching especially for people who relate directly to what the song is saying. We have our artist’s do a story behind the song, which is basically a piece that, allow the artist to share a little background about the song.  Part of my job is to help spread songs (usually singles) that we feel have the potential to impact people.  Therefore this story behind the song is something I use when sending the song to people I come across who not only I think would enjoy the song but also might have an audience that they in turn could share the song with.

Looking for the places or people, whom I target, ultimately depends on the song.  I look to what the song is about, the meaning, is there a particular theme. For example one song recently related to marriage and I’ll be working one coming up here that is more about renewing yourself.  So one place I looked to for the marriage song was marriage speakers, counselors, churches who host classes on marriage-these are places that might be able to use the song to impact the lives they help to make a difference in.  Soon I will be looking for rehab facilities or programs and places that focus on a fresh start for people.

Making a music video for a song or just putting a song on or in a video is another way to spread a song.  This can help bring emotion or feeling to the song. Most videos start out up on Youtube but if someone likes it they often post it on their blog, add it to their Facebook page or pass it along thru other social media outlets.

A song can trigger a memory or certain time in your life, when that happens people like to share their stories. You might find these stories on your website, youtube page or other places where that person discovered the song. Capture stories you hear and share the impact they are making. Encourage people to share them!

All of this helps to tie your music to other websites while at the same time spreading a song or songs.  This just brushes over a few ways of building on a song, tell us what ways have you found to spread your songs or have thought about trying?



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