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Fear not

December 20, 2010

Fear not. Maybe my two favorite Christmas words.

I suppose “do not be afraid” is a familiar phrase from scripture, but maybe it’s no more powerful than when the angel steps in to the mundane life of the shepherd. But not only the angel (which would be frightening enough!), but an entire heavenly host, framed by a sky exploding with a light that shattered the darkness of that otherwise ordinary field.

And into that terrifying moment, the angel says something that seems almost crazy. “Fear not”. “Don’t be afraid”.

Of course, the angel knew something the shepherds didn’t. He knew just how amazing the announcement was.  He knew the shepherd’s life would never be the same if he could just find the courage to move from where he was, to the barn where the baby was laying.

In 2010, what were the places you didn’t move toward, simply because, in the final analysis, you were afraid? Afraid of what someone might say, afraid of how you might come across, afraid of the unknown consequence, afraid of the shame that might accompany failure.

The message of Christmas is clear. Don’t be afraid. Move toward the God that was willing to lower himself to a bed of hay in order to break through to you. To you personally. It’s an amazing story and it’s full of good tidings and great joy.

Merry Christmas from all of us at Centricity/Eaglemont. Welcome Jesus into your new year. Move toward him. Fear not.

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