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Favorite Songs of 2010

December 31, 2010

Here is part two of our four part Favorites of 2010. Earlier I posted everyone’s favorite records of the year, today it is the top songs. Let us know what your favorite songs were. Enjoy.


John Mays

1. Teenage Dream – Katy Perry / Dr. Luke / Max Martin / Benny Blanco (recorded by Katy Perry)

Go ahead. I can take it and I’m not apologizing. You can try to play it hipster when you roll your eyes, but I know when you’re back in the car you’re singing along to this chorus as it repeats, over and over in your head.

2. The Storm – Josh Johnson / Nicole Johnson (recorded by Elenowen)

Josh and Nicole make an intelligent, beautiful contribution to the conversation about marriage that so desperately needs to be taking place in our society. Listen to this over and over. You’ll keep discovering things.

3. I Remember – Finn Bjarnson / Ryan Raddon / Joel Zimmermann (recorded by Deadmou5)

The original version of this is nine minutes long, but you won’t mind because of the captivating, melodic and moody sensibilities to it.  I’m not a big dance music fan, but I discovered this track through Snooki’s celebrity playlist podcast. If you see her, thank her for me. I’m guessing I won’t be running into her.

4. Beautiful Things – Lisa Gungor / Michael Gungor (recorded by Gungor)

There were a few times this year I really needed to hear this. And hearing it helped me believe it.  Thank you Michael and Lisa.

5. The House That Built Me – Tom Douglas / Allen Shamblin (recorded by Miranda Lambert)

So much country music seems to play to a heavy sentimentality or nostalgia that just goes too far for my tastes. This song makes me very sentimental, and even nostalgic, but not in a heavy-handed way. Listen and see if the good memories don’t flood your mind and heart.


Steve Ford

1.The House That Built Me – Miranda Lambert

This song is the perfect blend of melody and lyric. So emotional. It touches my soul. Love it

2. Little Lion Man – Mumford & Sons

Sorry about the f-bomb but this song is passionate and powerful

3. Something Good Can Work – Two Door Cinema Club

another delectable slice of euro pop. This chorus is AWESOME. A nice mix of Vampire Weekend and Phoenix

4. Vaporize – Broken Bells

hooks and vibe coming out the wahzoo

5. I Will Follow – Chris Tomlin

I know. A Tomlin song. But I love this song. It moves move. My favorite Christian song of he year.


Conor Farley

1. Winter Winds- Mumford and Sons-

This was my favorite record of the year-and this was the most played song in my iTunes, so I guess it should be #1 🙂

2. “If I Die Young”- The Band Perry

I had heard that she took some of this content from a tennyson poem.  I may be wrong- but this song is just really good.  It makes me feel something.

3.  Wide Eyes- Local Natives

First, these guys are from SoCal which makes me happy, second this song reminds me of the BEach Boys, “Pet Sounds”.  it is not as good, but it tries which I think is awesome.

4. Lead Me”- Sanctus Real

This song is incredibly written. It moves me everytime I listen to it.  This song challenges me to be a better husband and father.

5. Revezzed -Daft Punk

I just love everything that Daft Pun does-this was a late addition, but worthy.  Not many bands can have songs with no lyrics that affect me.  Daft Punk is one of them.


Jeff Berry

1. More Like Falling in Love – Jason Gray

2. The House that Built me – Miranda Lambert

3. On the Combine – High Valley

4. I Dreamed a Dream –   Glee Cast

5. Forever Reign – Hillsong/16 Cities


Joanna Dee


Such a fun song, with an amazing video. No telling how many times I listened & watched this song/video this year.

2.  Black Swan Song — Athlete.

A beautiful song that came just when I needed it.

3. White Blank Page Mumford & Sons.

It really is hard to pick any Mumford & Sons song over another, but this one just sticks with me.

4. Blue Blood LipsThe Dead Weather.

I love the overall swagger of this song. I’m a sucker for Jack White.

5. Teenage DreamKaty Perry.

Don’t judge me, I’m just being honest.


Jennifer Allen

Sorry, no songs. But did you see my awesome album choices?.


Guy Zabka

1. You Will Fnd Me – Andrew Ripp

2. The House That Built Me – Miranda Lambert

3. Secrets – One Republic

4. Safe – Phil Wickham

5. Hey, Soul Sister : – Train

Rebekah Markowitz

1. Heart is Hard to Find – Jimmy Eat World

2. All the Right Moves – OneRepublic

3. Love the Way You Lie – Eminem & Rhianna

4. Empty Sighs & Wine – Isles and Glaciers

5. Siren – The Graduate

Jon Sell

1. The Cave -Mumford and Sons

It’s a song about hope, dependence, truth and relationship with the maker.

2. The Ladder – Andrew Belle

It’s a song about climbing a ladder of course. No, its about connecting in relationship with someone and learning about one another.

3. Dancing in the Minefields – Andrew Peterson-

It’s a song about relationship and the promise of God

4.  Kings and Queens – 30 Seconds to Mars

It’s epic!

5. Teenage Dream –  Katy Perry

It’s a fun song. (At least that’s how I interpreted these songs, give me grace if I’m wrong)


Angilee Smith  –

1. Undo It -Carrie Underwood

2. God Gave Me You -Dave Barnes

3. Keep On Loving You – Steel Magnolia

4. Little Lion Man – Mumford & Sons

5. Just A Feeling – Maroon 5

Ben Stauffer –

1. “Bloodbuzz Ohio” – The National

2. “Norway” – Beach House

3. “Love the Way You Lie” – Eminem Featuring Rihanna

4. “Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)” – Arcade Fire

5. “Not In Love” – Crystal Castles Featuring Robert Smith

2 Comments leave one →
  1. December 31, 2010 11:19 AM

    Hahaha… I just can’t get past ‘Teenage Dream’…
    It is a catchy tune. I think I could love it if the lyrics were different… but I just don’t get Katy Perry’s transformation.

    Thanks for all the recommendations!

  2. January 8, 2011 7:17 AM

    nice list, good job..
    Music has a mystic manner of being able to take you instantly back to a specific place and time in your past
    I will definitely vote them, for one reason…. THEY’RE AWESOME

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