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Favorite memories of 2010

January 8, 2011

In our final post of the “Favorites of 201o” we take a look at some of our favorite memories of the year. Some are music related, most are personal and give you a slight glimpse into the person. Hope you enjoy.

John Mays

1. Disney World, 10 years later. We had a LOT more fun visiting the parks with our kids being young adults than we did when they were youngsters. I know it’s all manufactured, but it really is a magical place. Did you know there’s a big ceremony every morning to open the gates of Magic Kingdom? Mickey and friends ride in on the train. Everyone cheers. The music plays. I teared up.

Steve Ford

1. Getting married

2. Seeing my son as the lead in Guys & Dolls at his school… I am a proud dad

3. My daughter graduating from University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Still a proud dad

4. Jason Gray having a top 5 single

5. “Dancing in the Minefields” from Andrew Peterson being an AC radio hit.

Jeff Berry

1. Signing Jason Gray as an artist

2. Seeing High Valley’s finished “on the combine” video

3. Seeing Matt Papa lead “Open Hands” at the National Worship Leaders Conference

4. Getting to add Angilee, Jordan, Kellyn, Blake and Chris to our team

5. 4pm Sweet tea time –  most days.

Conor Farley

1.  Auburn going undefeated and heading to the national championship

2. The World Cup

3. Newsboys record and singles doing really well at Christian radio and retail 🙂

4. Big Film/TV placement for 16 Cities on One Tree Hill

5. Auburn going undefeated and heading to the national championship

Chris Hamilton

1. GOP take-over

2. My 1 yr anniversary

3. My parent’s lake house

Jennifer Allen

1. Jason Gray getting a Top 5 hit on the AC chart

2. Seeing my niece perform in a starring role in her senior high school musical, “Hairspray” (Amber Van Pelt)

3. Watching my nephews and niece coming into their own in young adulthood

4. Getting to travel all over the country for my job

Jon Sell

1. Engagement – I’m getting married!

2. Peru – I went to Iquitos, Peru to do some missions work and spread the gospel of Jesus!

3. Graduation – No more school….!

4. The great flood of 2010 in Nashville – Although, it was devastating, the community took care of one another in a way I have never seen.  Christians and churches were active with rebuilding, healing, giving and love.

5. The Beatles on iTunes (Not!)- I already have their music Steve Jobs!  Although you tried to have the most epic marketing campaign ever, you didn’t deliver.

Rebekah Markowitz –

1. The first time I held my nephew, Andrew. He was born in March.

2. My mom and grandmother coming to visit me in Nashville.

3. My birthday adventure planned by my good friends Kelee and Nicole.

4. My trip to Chicago to have a girls weekend with two of my best friends, Bonnie and Raychel.

5. Going to my first Steelers game and getting to meet some of the players.

Joanna Dee

1. Graduation from O’More College of Design.

2. My 1 Year Anniversary with my husband, Dan.

3. Adopting our Boston Terrier Trix.

4. My trip to Savannah, my 2nd home (or so it feels).

5. Seeing & Meeting Athlete at The Vinyl in Atlanta, GA.

Angelee Smith

1. Starting job at Centricity

2.Seeing my favorite band, Needtobreathe, play & sell out the Ryman here in Nashville (in the fifth row!)

Ben Stauffer

1. My arrival in Nashville, of course!

2. Antoine Dodson (“Bed Intruder”)

3. 2010 Centricity Artists/Staff Retreat

4. (“We Used to Wait” Arcade Fire video)

5. “Lost” Finale


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