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Centricity Update 1/13

January 13, 2011

Hello blog world. We are trying something a little new in this new year on the Centricity blog. A while back we asked you, our faithful and good-looking readers, what you wanted to see on our blog. One of the items you suggested is more artist news. Well, we listened. I know, I was surprised too. Starting today and every week (hopefully) we will post a Centricity update letting you know what is going on the world of our artists.

I would love to hear what you think about the info we are giving here. Is it what you like or a waste of time? Let me know.

So on to the inaugural version of the updates…

Radio Update:

Is has been a fun time in Centricity’s radio department. Right now we have three songs in the top 30 at AC Monitored, two in the top 20!! We have two songs in the top 30 at AC. Plus we have 3 songs in the top 20 at INSPO.

Jason Gray received 5 adds, Andrew got 2 more, Jamie scored 3 adds and Sixteen Cities got one. Sixteen Cities breaks into the AC Indicator chart after two weeks as Andrew and Jason continue their climb towards the top 10.

Chart Positions:

AC Mon:

Dancing In The Minefields” Andrew Peterson – #13

“I Am New” Jason Gray –  #19

“The Stand” Jaime Jamgochian – New & Active (#33)

AC Ind:

Dancing In The Minefields” Andrew Peterson – #12

“I Am New” Jason Gray –  #14

“Pray You Through” Sixteen Cites – New & Active (#40)


“Sing Along” Sixteen Cities – New & Active (#31)


“I Am New” Jason Gray – #11

“The Stand” Jaime Jamgochian –#17


“Pray You Through” Sixteen Cities

AC:                        WWIB/ Eau Claire, WI

“Dancing In The Minefields” Andrew Peterson

AC:                        KAIM/Honolulu, HI; KGCB/Prescott, AZ

“I Am New” Jason Gray

AC                       WCRJ/ Jacksonville, FL; WRBS/ Baltimore, MD; WCDR/ Dayton, OH; KBMQ/Monroe, LA; KGBI/Omaha, NE

“The Stand” Jaime Jamgochian

AC                        WLAB/Ft. Wayne, IN

INSP                    KNLB/Phoenix, AZ; WHCR/Bangor, ME

Jason Gray                           

• Jason continues to write for his new CD. He is scheduled to head into the studio in early March so is rounding the final tour of writing. Pray for him as he does the final tweaks on what will be on the next project.

• More Like Falling In Love” was the # 30 song of the year on Billboard’s year-end chart. We could not be more excited. We sorta feel like this

• Jason’s song was also #64 on Amazon’s Top 100Songs of 2010. Not Christian but all songs. He was the third Christian artist on the chart. Check it out HERE

• “More Like Falling in Love” was the #16 song of the year with KLOVE and # 24 on WAY FM

• Jason is the featured artist KOVE home page. We are also giving away I Am New as a promotion with network. Check it out here.

• “I Am New” moved up to #13 on the KLOVE chart.

• Jason will be joining the WinterBlast tour with Building 429 and 33 Miles. Check out the dates HERE

• Jason then heads out with Mark Schultz on the Renaissance Tour, the dates are HERE

Andrew Peterson              

• Counting Stars was names Under The Radar’s #1 record of 2010. Check out the entire list here

• Counting Stars was voted #9 album of 2010 from Jesus Freak Hideout

• Check out how many different songs from Andrew are on Under The Radar’s Top Songs of 2010 HERE

• Andrew is taking some time off for the first couple of months of January to finish up the third book in the Wingfeather Saga. If you don’t know about this award-winning series check it out here.

•For updates on how things are going in the world of Andrew Peterson follow him on Twitter at

• You need to read Intimate Wounds: The Awful Truth of Fatherhood from Andrew at the Rabbit Room.

• Andrew wrote a great blog recapping 2010 and looking ahead to 2011. Read it here.

• Andrew heads out on tour again in mid February, check out the dates HERE.

Me In Motion               

•Me In Motion’s new single “Eye of the Hurricane” releases to radio on Jan 21. Should be at radio and iTunes that week. Be watching for it, it is a good one.

•Congratulations to Seth Moseley, the lead singer, producer and writer for Me In Motion for co-producing and co-writing the #6 Christian song of the year – “Born Again” for Newsboys

• Also congrats to Seth for his second #1 song as co-producer/co-writer with “Way Beyond Myself” with Newsboys

• Make sure you go out and see the band in concert. You will love them. The dates are HERE

Sixteen Cities                          

• “Sing Along” was # 34 on WAY FM’s top 50 of 2010!

•“Sing Along: is still in the top 5 at WAY FM.

• While the band is out on the road they have been visiting stations along the way. They hit 5 stations while in California include a visit to KLOVE.

• Sixteen Cities out on tour. Click here for the dates.

Jaime Jamgochian                           

• Jaime heads out on a promo tour to visit stations next week. Here is the list of stations she is visiting:  KFMK / Austin, TX, KLTY / Dallas, TX, KVNE / Tyler, TX, KBMQ / Monroe, LA, WHJT / Jackson, MS, WDJC / Birmingham, AL, WVFJ /Atlanta, GA, WAFJ / Augusta, GA, WMHK / Columbia, SC, WLFJ / Greenville, SC, WMIT / Asheville, NC, WCQR / Johnson City, TN, WBDX  / Chattanooga, TN, KFMK / Austin, TX, KLTY / Dallas, TX, KVNE / Tyler, TX, KBMQ / Monroe, LA, WHJT / Jackson, MS, WDJC / Birmingham, AL, WVFJ / Atlanta, GA, WAFJ / Augusta, GA, WMHK / Columbia, SC, WLFJ / Greenville, SC, WMIT / Asheville, NC, WCQR /  Johnson City, TN, WBDX / Chattanooga, TN


• Downhere starts recording their new project next week. Pray for them as they start the recording process. We are excited to see what they create.

Music listened to while writing this – Florence & The Machine and Paper Route

Love to hear your thoughts about the updates.

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