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Update 1/27

January 27, 2011
Ah, another week filled with music, meetings and snow. Trying o get around Nashville when there is snow on the ground is like negotiating a war zone. You would think we had two feet of snow instead of two inches. But we all survived the blizzard and are hard at work trying to build our artists careers.
I have been talking to a lot of radio people lately and continue to realize that radio – whether it be terrestrial, streaming, apps, whatever, radio is still an integral tool to expose our artists to a lot of people. If anyone can figure out another way, please let me know.
On to the latest updates…
Radio Update:

We are continuing to build the story at radio. Centricity has three songs on both AC charts and 3 songs on the Inspo charts, plus two about to appear on the CHR charts. I know I feel pretty good about that. Considering we are currently working 5 songs to AC, 3 to Inspo and 2 to CHR that percentage is pretty good.

Me In Motion had a good add week for Eye of the Huricane, seven CHR and two ACs are playing it this week. We are excited about the response to this song. Be watching it.

On to the rest of the radio news:

Chart Positions:

AC Mon: Dancing In The Minefields” Andrew Peterson – #16

“I Am New” Jason Gray –  #21

“The Stand” Jaime Jamgochian – New & Active (32)

AC Ind: Dancing In The Minefields” Andrew Peterson – #11

“I Am New” Jason Gray –  #12

“Pray You Through” Sixteen Cites – New & Active (#36)

INSPO: ““I Am New” Jason Gray – #9

“The Stand” Jaime Jamgochian –#16

Dancing In The Minefields” Andrew Peterson – New & Active (#25)


“Eye Of The Hurricane” Me In Motion

CHR           KNMI/Farmington, NM

WORQ/Green Bay, WI

KLFF/ San Louis Obispo, CA

WBVM/Tampa, FL

WNAZ/Nashville, TN

KADI/Springfield, MO

KXGM/Cedar Rapids, IA

AC                   WGRC/ Williamsport, PA

WCVK/Bowling Green, KY

“Pray You Through” Sixteen Cities

CHR                WBVM/ Tampa, FL

KADI/ Springfield, MO

WHJT/ Jackson, MC

“Dancing In The Minefields” Andrew Peterson

AC                WBDX/ Chattanooga, TN

INSPO        WNFR/Flint, MI

“I Am New” Jason Gray

AC               KTIS/Minneapolis, MN

KGCB/Flagstaff, AZ

KNBJ/ Corpus Christi, TX

WXHL/Wilmington, NC

INSPO      WAGO/Greenville, NC

“The Stand” Jaime Jamgochian

INSPO       KLMP/Rapid City, SD

Jason Gray                  

•  Jason’s single “I Am New” continues to climb the chart with a great add in Minneapolis (his home town)

•  “I Am New” is still #13 on the KLOVE chart.

•  WIBW-TV interviewed Jason and had him play More Like Falling In Love live – Check it out on You Tube

• has an article on Jason titled “Being a Safe Place for others. Check it out HERE

•  Jason has been in town this week continuing to write for his next record. In conversations with Jason is sounds like this will be a fabulous record

•  Jason is currently on the road with the WinterBlast tour  along with Building 429 and 33 Miles and after Winterblast Jason heads out with Mark Schultz on the Renaissance Tour. All the pertinent info is right HERE
Andrew Peterson        

•  We are still pinching ourselves that radio is playing the amazing “Dancing In The Minefields.” We are so thankful to everyone who called stations, responded to Facebook posts or commented on his video. It is wonderful to hear the impact the song has had on the lives of believers.

• Here is a post on You Tube responding to the video for “Dancing In The Minefield”:

I love this song.  My parents got divorced a couple of years ago. It was really rough, but then I got saved. I heard this song one day while I was in the car with my mom. She pulled over and started crying. She told me she still loved my father, and that she wanted him back. I showed this song to my dad and he told me that he still loves my mom. They are back together and working on having a real wedding based off of God’s plan for them. That’s what God can do.

•  For updates on how things are going in the world of Andrew Peterson follow him on Twitter at

•  Andrew starts touring again late February so mark your calendars to go see him. The dates are HERE

Me In Motion              
•  Good first week of adds for “Eye Of The Hurricane” – 7 CHR stations!
•  Me In Motion has been added to the Bloom Indie Music Conference in April. Check out their site HERE
•  “Eye Of The Hurricane” is available on iTunes now. Here it is.
•  Seth gives the story behind the song on You Tube. Check it out HERE
•  Make sure you go out and see the band in concert. You will love them check out dates HERE

Sixteen Cities               

•  “Sing Along” is still #4 on WAY FM.
•  Sixteen Cities did a video giving the story behind the song of Pray You Through. Watch it HERE
•  Make sure you continue to check out to read the new stories being posted. Here is a small sample:

My story is not really so much about me. It’s about my friend. She has been through so much with her family. And when I say a lot, I mean her father putting a gun to her head, threatening to kill her. That’s how bad it is. And her mother doesn’t really care. So she often cuts herself and all I can do is pray and tell her I love her.

Read rest of the story HERE

•  Sixteen Cities out on tour. Check out the dates, HERE

Jaime Jamgochian                  

•  There are 28 AC stations playing “The Stand” either in current rotation or in a worship show
•  Jaime is out on a promo tour to visiting stations. She finishes up today after visiting the following stations:

KFMK / Austin, TX

KLTY / Dallas, TX

KVNE / Tyler, TX

KBMQ / Monroe, LA

WHJT / Jackson, MS

WDJC / Birmingham, AL

WVFJ / Atlanta, GA

WAFJ / Augusta, GA

WMHK / Columbia, SC

WLFJ / Greenville, SC

WMIT / Asheville, NC

WCQR / Johnson City, TN

WBDX / Chattanooga, TN

•  Downhere is in the studio!! We can not express our excitement. This sorta expresses our joy.
•  The band has been doing video updates from the studio once a day. Check them out on the bands You Tube channel.
•  Follow the band’s updates from the studio on Twitter –
•  The band is heading out on the Out and Aboot Tour with Rush of Fools. Check out the dates HERE
Music listened to while writing this –The Decemberists “The King Is Dead” and Amos Lee’s new project “Mission Bell”. Both are really good.


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